Bahrain- Batelco launches $39m investment

14 Jun 2010

(MENAFN) The Chief Executive Officer at Batelco said that the company has embarked on its MNE 2010 project, at an investment of $38.5 million, to address the growing demand for world-class communication services from business customers and consumers in Bahrain, Reuters reported.

“Demand for mobile broadband services continues to grow exponentially as it is driven by the increasing use of mobile data cards, smart phones and Blackberries to access the Internet, email and download data whilst on the move, the CEO said.

Batelco mobile users will experience faster access to the Internet and superior voice service any time and anywhere across the kingdom.

The networks will also be capable of handling much greater throughput of data in real time that’s required to support such services as mobile video streaming and conferencing, web-based applications and services and the rapid transfer of large files.

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