BBK and its staff at the forefront of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives

02 Jun 2010

As part of the BBK’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, it not only supports inJAz Bahrain, a non-profit organisation that provides young individuals the knowledge, skills, tools and hands-on experience, as a sponsor but also encourages employees to volunteer with inJAz Bahrain to deliver its programs at the government schools and share their knowledge and job experiences with the students.

Volunteers using inJAz Bahrain programs conduct hands on classroom activities, trainings and interactive sessions at schools. In addition to the program sessions, they share & teach students various methods and techniques used in different departments of a bank which encourages the students to think deeper while making their career choices.

inJAz Bahrain is a non-profit organisation driven by the private sector. Its purpose is to educate and inspire young people to value free enterprise, business, and economics to improve the quality of their lives. Its Board of Directors is formed from Business leaders and the top CEO’s of the leading corporations in the Kingdom. They direct the organisation and insure its sustainability. The organisation is part of Junior Achievement Worldwide that has a presence in more than 119 countries around the world.

To know more about inJAz, please click here.

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