BBK and “Nasmaakum” Application Unite to Empower Individuals with Hearing and Speech Impairments

24 Sep 2023

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Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait (BBK), Bahrain’s pioneer in retail and commercial banking, has entered into a partnership agreement with the “Nasmaakum” application, developed by “Invita,” a renowned provider of customer service solutions.

This innovative application is tailored specifically for individuals with hearing and speech impairments, aimed at breaking down communication barriers and enabling them to interact seamlessly with service providers across various sectors. It achieves this by connecting them with certified sign language interpreters.

BBK affirmed that this collaboration aims to bolster sectoral cooperation and partnerships that benefit individuals with special needs. The application offers real-time sign language interpretation services through video calls, accessible through a smartphone or tablet app. This platform facilitates video calls between sign language experts and interpreters, catering specifically to people with hearing and speech impairments, thereby enhancing their communication and integration into society. Additionally, it offers a convenient feature for scheduling appointments or making instant calls to request the services of qualified interpreters available 24/7.

The application stands out for its user-friendly registration process, intuitive interface, and unwavering commitment to customer privacy and accuracy. It is also multilingual to ensure that individuals in this category can easily access the services they require. Essentially, the application serves as a direct communication conduit involving three parties: the user, the interpreter, and the call center. This simplifies the user’s accessibility to the necessary services, enhancing their overall experience.

On this occasion, Dr. AbdulRahman Saif, Group Chief Executive of BBK, said: “Our decision to collaborate with “Nasmaakum” aligns with our commitment to delivering consistent and lasting assistance to individuals with impairments. It aims to facilitate their access to services in a straightforward and accessible manner. We firmly believe in the significance of incorporating sign language into diverse educational, healthcare, and service establishments, just as language interpreters are made available to facilitate communication between speakers of different languages.”

“The proliferation of sign language users plays a pivotal role in fostering the inclusion of individuals with hearing impairments and speech challenges. It empowers them to a wide array of services, facilitating their ability to lead fulfilling lives without restraints. We are delighted by our collaboration with Invita to introduce this innovative application. It promises to enhance the quality of services available to individuals with impairments, while simultaneously enriching the diversity of electronic services in Bahrain as a whole. Furthermore, it positions Bahrain as a regional leader in this regard.”

On the other hand, Mr. Rahul Bhalla, the CEO of Invita, extended a warm welcome to the signing of this pivotal agreement and the reinforcement of the partnership with BBK for the support of “Nasmaakum.” He acknowledged that this collaboration will signify a remarkable leap forward in the realm of information technology and communication services for individuals with impairments. Furthermore, it will provide them with enhanced opportunities for communication and active participation in society, while also strengthening their roles and fostering independence. This initiative is poised to expand the spectrum of services, support, and care available to this valuable demographic.


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