BBK celebrates Bahraini Woman’s Day with groundbreaking initiatives

03 Dec 2023

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BBK unveiled a series of learning and growth initiatives and programs aimed at empowering the women employees at the Bank on the occasion of Bahraini Woman’s Day. Designed to honor skilled and leading women within the Bank, these initiatives reflect the Bank’s dedication to reinforcing the pivotal role played by women and represent a proactive response to the national strategy for advancing Bahraini women and facilitating their progress in the society.

On this occasion, Dr. AbdulRahman Saif, Group Chief Executive, stated “We take pride in launching these initiatives, strategically crafted to empower Bahraini women within our Bank.  Through these programs, we are paying tribute to the relentless efforts of women, celebrating their valuable contributions to diverse fields, and acknowledging their dedication, and outstanding achievements that have not only propelled the Kingdom forward but have also been instrumental in shaping future generations.”

Mrs. Najwa Al Ahmed, Assistant General Manager of Human Resources and Administration and Chairperson of the BBK Women Empowerment Committee highlighted the encouraging environment the Bank offers to its women employees, inspiring them to contribute to the progress and prosperity of the Kingdom across all sectors. She also emphasized the Bank’s commitment to offering ongoing support by creating opportunities for women to attain leadership positions they rightfully deserve. “BBK continues to stand out as a prominent institution in the field of women empowerment, inspiring women to achieve even greater success.” Said Mrs. Al Ahmed.

Coinciding with the Bahraini Woman’s Day, the Bank introduced the “Women on The Ladder” program. This web-based initiative, conducted in collaboration with Cambridge university, aims to groom a number of talented female employees from various departments for leadership and management roles. Focused on developing forward-thinking leadership skills, the program provides

practical techniques for instigating change within and beyond the organization. It offers a supportive environment for personal growth, helping participants overcome self-limiting beliefs and empowering them to lead change and contribute to organizational transformation.

The Bank also organized a full-day workshop, “Power of Pearls,” for female employees. Using an experiential learning approach, including visualization and experimentation, the workshop encouraged women to prioritize themselves, rediscover inner strength, and unleash their potential. The Bank sees this initiative as an enabler for empowering women to make groundbreaking contributions in their respective roles while maintaining a strong work-life balance.

Another initiative included an honoring ceremony whereby several women employees of the Bank were honored by the Group Chief Executive, Dr. AbdulRahman Saif, for their distinguished contributions and outstanding success in various departments. Their efforts towards achieving career advancement, leadership, and adapting to transformation, while overcoming substantial challenges in both their professional and personal lives, were highly praised.

Furthermore, an empowering event designed exclusively for BBK female employees from the branches took place next to Athar monument in collaboration with “Calm.Mess”, known for their expertise in creating impactful and inspiring experiences. This event focused on recognizing the effort and invaluable role played by female employees in retail banking and service delivery. It offered them an opportunity to network, learn, and celebrate their talents.

Finally, and in an effort to promote a culture of diversity and inclusion, the Women Empowerment Committee arranged a number of focus group sessions encouraging women employees to speak up their challenges and participate in addressing their issues to create positive change that support the Bank’s strategic objectives toward equal opportunities.

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