BBK supports the “Insolvent debtors” project with BD 200,000

28 Apr 2022

BBK, Bahrain’s pioneer in retail and commercial banking, has donated BD 200,000 to the “Sahm Al-Gharimeen” (Insolvent debtors) project, as a contribution to repay the debts of 50 insolvent persons who are unable to pay their fines or debts in cooperation with the Zakat and Charities Fund, The Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments and the Supreme Council of Women.

Dr. AbdulRahman Saif, Group Chief Executive said that this donation reflects the Bank’s ongoing commitment to supporting all governmental and civil efforts aimed at achieving social solidarity and establishing stability and development within the Bahraini society, while also recognizing the active role played by the Zakat and Charity Fund with its assistance to various philanthropic segments and the role of the Supreme Council of Women in monitoring the needs of Bahraini women and meeting those needs with full efficiency.

Dr. Saif explained that the donation is part of many initiatives launched by the Bank on the occasion of BBK’s Golden Jubilee celebrations, including charitable and social initiatives aimed at repaying the debts of the insolvent persons who suffered judicial provisions due to failure of repaying their debts.

His Excellency Minister of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments, Sh. Khalid bin Ali bin Abdulla Al Khalifa, stressed that the Zakat and Charity Fund was successful in establishing the notion of zakat and its vital role in terms of social solidarity and collaboration, as well as the implementation of its programs and activities, which has been made possible with all thanks to the Almighty Allah, Bahrain’s wise leadership, and the generous donations of donors.

In this context, His Excellency the Minister expressed his heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to BBK for its support of this humanitarian project, which served as an example of social solidarity and helped the growth of institutional philanthropy.

For her part, H.E. Mrs. Hala Al Ansari, Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Women, emphasized the significance of BBK’s generous donation in supporting the Council’s efforts to provide Bahraini women with all the support in resolving their issues with hopes of attaining maximum stability.

According to H.E. Mrs. Al-Ansari, this donation would be offered to cover the debts of several insolvent women, divorced or widowed, suffering from chronic diseases or facing judicial sentences as a consequence of non-payment. She added that this noble initiative stems from the values of Bahraini society which embodies the spirit of social solidarity and supporting one another especially during the Holy month of Ramadan.

It’s noteworthy that this initiative is amongst various initiatives launched by BBK on the occasion of its Golden Jubilee celebrations which include offering 50 scholarships to this year’s graduates from Bahrain’s public and private schools for enrollment in universities in Bahrain in addition to repaying 50 of the Bank’s customer loans at a maximum of five thousand Bahraini Dinars.

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