BBK supports the launch of the sign language dictionary on its website

13 Apr 2022

BBK, Bahrain’s pioneer in retail and commercial banking, announced its sponsorship of the “unified dictionary for banking terminologies in sign language”, found on its website. The same was developed by the Bahrain Association of Banks to make it easier for customers with hearing impairment to interact with banks and conduct financial transactions, as well as to improve the security, confidentiality, and reliability of their banking activities.

Mr. Hassaan Burshaid, General Manager of Human Resources and Administration at BBK commented: “This support comes in line with BBK’s aspirations to enrich its social duty towards society and members of the community that require particular attention, including the hearing impaired. BBK is proud to be one of the first banks to train its employees to communicate in sign language, and among the pioneering institutions that took the initiative to offer services to customers with special needs, such as providing ATMs designed specifically for customers with sight impairment and dedicating its financial mall in Budaiya to cater to its special needs customers”.

The launch of the unified Dictionary of Banking Terminology under the supervision of the CBB is part of its efforts to promote financial inclusion, which allows all members of the community, including those with special needs, to use banking services while preserving their legal rights and ensuring the confidentiality of their banking information.

This dictionary aims to enable the bank’s hearing impaired customers to gain access to all banking and financial services offered by banks and finance companies, as well as to guarantee them the right to access banking services on an equal footing with others using appropriate communication methods. It is worth noting that this dictionary contains words and terminologies in sign language to open a bank account, make deposits, withdrawals, transfer operations, and the participation in bank investment programs.

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