Oman identifies silicon industry as top economy booster

23 Jun 2016

(MENAFN) Oman has all of the crucial elements needed to appeal international investment in the manufacture of silicon, a strategically vital metal with extensive application in metallurgy, silicone-based products, and in solar panels.

Accordingly, the presence of quartz deposits in the Sultanate, coupled with the availability of low-cost electricity, competitive financing, and excellent industrial infrastructure, a good sign for the founding of a silicon smelter in the Sultanate.

Valued to hold about 4.5 million tons of silica quartz, the deposits display chemical features that make it fit as a raw material for silicon yield, plus other ingredients that will also go into the smelter are wood and a type of charcoal.

The experts explained that alongside its solid and robust export potential, a national silicon industry also has the capacity to catalyze investment in an extensive selection of associated, value-added and downstream spin-offs.

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