Study: Gulf countries to see gas shortage

13 May 2010

(MENAFN) A report issued by Booz & Company said that Gulf countries, expect for Qatar, are facing a shortage of gas supplies and may become net importers.

The report said that though the global crisis has reduced the need for gas in most regions, but demand in GCC states for power has far outpaced the region’s gas exploration and production.

If this trend continues, GCC countries are expected to having to import gas, when they have exported gas for decades.

Booz & Co Partner, George Sarraf, said that the six-member bloc of the GCC collectively hold nearly 23 percent of global gas reserves. However, the extent of the gas supply-demand imbalance in the region has mandated that the countries of the GCC, with the exception of Qatar, at the very least consider importing gas to meet rapidly rising demand.

Sarraf advised that the GCC countries should address the short-term gas shortage by reducing demand in the long term and increasing supply.

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