One tap, endless perks.

CrediMax is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BBK offering a wide array of products and services, including VisaCard, MasterCard, Gold Card for Classic Cards, and Credinet, an Internet credit card. CrediMax offers competitive interest rates, reasonable minimum payment terms, 24-hour customer service, and the longest repayment period in the market. In addition, CrediMax is easily accessible through BBK’s online banking network, enabling our customers to access its services more efficiently.

Due to its consistent performance and the continuous patronage of our beloved customers, CrediMax has made its way to the top and has become the number one provider of premium services to credit card users throughout Bahrain.

We aim to improve our services to provide you, our beloved customers, with the best of everything life offers. To do this, we transformed our Card Division into a separate brand that provides you with more specialized and comprehensive credit offerings. While the company’s structure remains the same, this new development is directed toward further improvement and expansion, offering services to BBK patrons and customers of other financial institutions in the Gulf and Arab region.

For more information, please call 17117117 or visit the CrediMax site


The smarter way to do business.

Invita is a specialized On-Demand Customer Relationship Management and Business Process Outsourcing company owned by BBK.

It uses state-of-the-art technology to provide its clients with business process outsourcing, on-demand contact center and customer relationship management (CRM), and consultancy and training services.

Invita was first established in 2000 to upgrade the contact center of BBK, eventually becoming an independent entity in 2005. Today, Invita’s clients range from financial institutions to ministries and telecommunications service providers across the region. The company’s philosophy is being “in touch, with intelligence.” This concept is engrained in all aspects of its business, helping us craft innovative solutions for the new generation of entrepreneurs.

Invita provides comprehensive outsourcing solutions and customer relationship management systems to businesses that want to focus on strategy and business development. The company has established partnerships with leading international organizations such as US-based CosmoCom to deliver top-notch first-to-market services and revolutionary business solutions to its clients. Invita’s infrastructure allows businesses to reduce their technology and servicing costs while enhancing the customer experience.

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